Çankaya University Faculty of Architecture contains Departments of Interior Architecture, Architecture and City and Regional Planning. The Faculty of Architecture offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees to its students. The curriculum consists of practical courses and theoretical courses and it is aimed to give both theoretical and practical background of the relevant discipline. Students can take elective courses according to their interests as well as compulsory courses defined according to their profession.

Departments of the Faculty of Architecture aim to create an understanding of designing its relationship with the environment of the human by considering it on spatial, social, economic and technical data. Each department evaluates design discipline at a different scale and detail level and contributes differently to the city in the creation of the built environment. The City and Regional Planning Department aims to organize the spatial developments within the framework of a plan and to educate city planners who make the decisions based on the public and private sector decisions that affect the order of the space, environment, and economy. The purpose of the Department of Architecture is to educate architects who consider the space and spatial requirements of human in the scale of building while sheltering, working, resting and mainly maintaining life. The Department of Interior Architecture aims to educate interior architects who increase the level of well-being of individuals by using the theoretical knowledge of building science while shaping the design of the spaces in surrounding buildings of humans. Students, who want to improve themselves more at the undergraduate level, are supported with the double major and minor programs as well as the undergraduate program they enroll.

The Faculty of Architecture provides master and doctorate programs in graduate education. At graduate level, students develop their interdisciplinary study skills and to do so, they take various compulsory and theoretical courses. The Faculty of Architecture offers graduate programs as City and Regional Planning Master Program, Architecture Master Program, Construction Technologies Master Program, Architecture Doctorate Program and Interior Architecture Master Program.

Faculty of Architecture provides students Erasmus + Exchange Program. In this program, students get the opportunities to study abroad, improve their international experience and broaden their perspectives. With this privileged education, the Faculty of Architecture aims to educate future qualified city planners, architects and interior designers of the future.