Çankaya University Faculty of Architecture, which includes Departments of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning; was established in 1999 with the aim of training creative, technically competent Architects, Interior Architects and City and Regional Planners who are sensitive to people and the environment, protect the principles of the Republic, respect cultural values, and adapt to technological developments.

As our faculty progresses towards its 25th year in its education life, as a well-established faculty, it occupies an important place among Architecture Faculties in Turkey with its qualified education conducted by world-renowned teaching staff. In this valuable faculty, science-based, multi-disciplinary education is provided in accordance with universal design principles and aesthetic rules. With this multi-disciplinary structure of the education given by experienced education staff, our students are brought into professional career by being trained and qualified.

Within our faculty; Building Physics and Environmental Control Laboratory, Digital Production and Three-Dimensional Printing Laboratory, Computer Aided Drawing Laboratory, Wood Workshop and Ceramic Workshop offer students the opportunity to carry out many experimental and scientific studies in theoretical and applied courses.

Our programs have been prepared from the very beginning in accordance with the Bologna Process criteria aimed at creating a unified European Union Higher Education Area. In this way, our graduates stand out among their stakeholders in both national and international competition with the diploma they receive. During their education period, our students can participate in student exchange programs with Huddersfield University and Plymouth University in England, Bauhaus Weimar University in Germany, and Luigi Vanvitelli Campaign University in Italy, which we have an Erasmus Plus agreement with. In this way, our students have the chance to experience different education programs and perspectives during their undergraduate education, while also having the opportunity to expand their visions.

In addition to the scholarships in the first placement, our university gives “achievement scholarships” to students who show outstanding success in their courses every year. In addition, our students are given the opportunity to do minor and double major from some departments that provide education within our university.

Our students have won many awards within the scope of international design awards, International Design Awards (IDA) and National Project competitions.

With face-to-face and virtual student exhibitions where design studio projects are presented at the end of each academic year, it is aimed to enrich our students’ portfolios and make them stand out with the experiences they gain when they start their careers.

The education received in our Faculty, which is an environment where creativity can be presented freely, allows our graduates to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to practice their profession at home and abroad. While some of our graduates carry out their master’s and doctorate studies, some of them start their business life and serve our society and country. Our graduates can establish their own offices and perform self-employment, as well as work as project consultants, supervisors, implementers in important companies and as site supervisors in construction sites, and they can find the opportunity to work in different departments of public institutions and organizations other than the private sector, depending on their areas of interest. Our graduates, who are interested in the academic field, can continue their education by participating in Çankaya University Master’s and Doctorate Programs, as well as pursue an academic career in other universities.

Seminars are organized in our faculty every year, where our former graduates, new graduates and students meet, and it is aimed to support Çankaya University Faculty of Architecture students and recent graduates by their previous graduates by enabling our graduates to share their business experiences.

With the ‘Zoom’ program licenses provided by our university to our teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic process, the lessons were conducted remotely and online synchronously, using the distance education system of our university, Webonline. Thanks to the technical infrastructure, headset, camera and smart drawing tablets provided by our university to all our lecturers, the effective and successful progress of the courses is commendable.

As a member of the Çankaya University Faculty of Architecture family, I wish all our students and staff a successful and happy future.

Prof. Dr. Zehra Gediz Urak