Our Vision

The vision of the Faculty of Architecture, which is similar with the vision of Cankaya University, is listed below:

Believing in a quality, world-class, internationally competitive design and planning education that values the language of education,

Scientific research and practices at international level on fields of design and planning,

Supporting innovative forms in art and design, constructing a scientific research and culture that is intertwined with the society,

Maintaining a disciplined teaching environment and teaching the creation of art, design and planning products based on scientific approach, critical thinking and innovation which is preparing students for professional life,

Questioning and inspecting the quality of education on a regular basis,

Raising individuals who understand the Republic of Turkey’s democratic, secular and social state of law principles and love their country, nation and all people,

Being a successful Faculty which is respected by the society.


Our Mission

In line with the mission of our University, Faculty of Architecture’s mission is to strengthen the student’s identity, to equip them with universal values and to educate contemporary knowledge; to improve scientific research and analytical thinking skills; to teach the ability to work and research interdisciplinary; to be innovative and creative; to understand the principles and reforms of Atatürk; to provide an education that teaches individuals to be productive and successful in business life; to have ethical values and to be able to lead their environment.

The mission of Çankaya University Faculty of Architecture is to educate students with science-based arts, design and planning studies, to become exemplary individuals to the society, to discover and advance knowledge, to make permanent contributions to the society with questioning, critical thinking and innovation.

The main purpose of our mission is to train artists, designers and planners, integrated with contemporary culture with their work. We assume that shaping the future of society is our main mission. Moreover, our another mission is to train the interior architects, architects, and city and regional planners who consider the education of creativity as forefront, have creative personalities as well as considerate and responsive, contribute value to the society with their presence, are aware of the importance of abstract thought and design approach, have contribution on society.